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Hello Families!

We hope you will find this page very helpful. 

5th grade students are learning more organizational skills each day.  This site will help you and your students prepare for the week and keep track of what is going on in the classroom.

Another great feature of this website is the link to additional websites.  Many wonderful websites exist that can assist students with learning science.  You will find sites that will help your child reinforce the concepts that are being taught in class.  Please check often for updates.

Thank you,

Mrs. Swidorsky,  Mrs. Shannon, & Mrs. Price



Related Links

    I Know That
    Click on any icon to explore the topic. This site is a little "ad-heavy" but managable.
    The Animal Kingdom
    An overview of vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as the different classes.
    National Geographic animals
    Beautiful photos of animals with many interesting facts.
    Click on the links to get info about vertebrates and invertebrates.
    Yahooligans animals
    Huge website that offers links to information about characteristics, diet, habitat, defenses. There are also links to hundreds of specific animals from all of our classifications.
    Food Chain 1
    Students can practice creating food chains.
    Food Chain and Food Web
    Learn more about food chains and food webs. At the bottom of the page you will see a "simulation" site. Please do not miss this great learning opportunity to understand how organisms in an ecosystem are connected.
    Biomes, Food Webs, and Food Chains
    Loaded with information on biomes and the animals within each biome. Biome food webs are explained in detail!
    Students will enjoy learning about the organisms found in different habitats.
    Science: Living Things
    Click on food chains and have fun!
    Chain Reaction Game
    Learn about the different types of organisms in an area and make food chains.
    Sunny Meadows
    This game allows you to adjust the number of foxes, rabbits and grass to balance the ecosystem.
    Gould League - Build your own food web
    You may choose from four different ecosystems to build your own food web.
    Biomes of the world
    This site allows you to explore all different biomes of the world, including the plants and animals.
    Kratt's creatures
    This site is from the PBS show. It show video clips and has tons of information about animals and how they have adapted to their environment.
    Brain Pop video
    Tim and Moby explore the layers of the Earth.
    CNN animated video
    Journey to the center of the Earth exploring all four layers.
    The Earth's layers
    Move page by page to get tons of information about the layers of the Earth.
    Earth History
    Click on one of the many different periods in time to see how the plates have moved.
    Understanding Plate Motion
    In depth information about the different types of formations created when plates collide.
    Windows to the Universe
    Love this one! This site offers a wide variety of topics relating to the earth; Space to Geology topics. My favorite aspect of this site is that you can change the content level from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced.

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