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Important News...

FSA starts this week! It is time to show what you know! We all know that you are capable of greatness! 

Weather Check for the week:
Link to the Parent Grade Portal right here!

 Important events this week:

Monday:   FSA Science Testing-Please arrive at school on time, well rested and well nourished. It is time to show off. 

Tuesday:   FSA Science Part Deux! 

Wednesday: Fun and learning-It is a fulls-strength day. 

Thursday:  FSA Reading testing takes place for some fifth graders. Please arrive at school on time, well rested and well nourished. It is time to show off. 

 Friday: FSA Reading Part Deux for some fifth graders- Report cards go home. 

Email has become our primary means of communication. So, please email us with any concerns, comments, celebrations, and/or questions.

 Our 2013-2014 5th Grade Munchkin Mayors include:
Mrs. Jane Szerba--Team Lead
Mrs. Lauren Morgan
 Mrs. Patti Bass
Mrs. Terri Lehane

Ms. Shea Beaudreau
Mrs. Sherrie Rabe
Mr. Thomas Ruark
Mrs. Kristin Shannon
Mrs. Carolyn Swidorsky
Mrs. Lauren Werch
You will also find our email addresses in the planner and listed on our individual pages on this web page. You can email us every day, and we won't get mad; really :-)
We are really trying to encourage students to get on Reflex Math this year.  It is easy to log on (all of our kids should have their login info in their math visual glossary), and it is FUN!
Try it. You'll like it!

Have you checked out Gizmos yet?
This site has some very cool interactive activities for student to explore - everything from the Water Cycle to the Solar System to Phase Changes.  Log onto, enter your username and password and get ready to learn about Science and earn some extra credit!


Please visit Mrs. Snead's blog at
to view her "Trash to Treasure" list and her "Wish" lists?   With
budgets being tight, our artists are going to need all the help they can get. 
Please make this a fabulous week!  


5th Grade - Chets Creek Elementary
Duval County
13200 Chets Creek Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 992-6390

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